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Although many of our services and advisory roles are geared  towards the process and result of built environments, sometimes we ultimately end up in a stage of discovery.  

In this, we have found great experiences through ideas exploration and challenge.  These studies in mixed-use environments and iconic towers may have fallen short of being built, but they exceeded expectations in innovation and passion.


The process of Discovery can take many paths, and embodies all of your senses.  Whether through discussion, debate, or through model, sketch, computer aided, or other, there is excitement in attempting to find "something."  

The results can be enlightening, or frustrating, but the act of engagement in the process is always a step forward.


Exploration in culture begins with a respect in where you stand on that particular moment.  In design, this is critical to see the differences as well as the similarities.  There is uniqueness within all context, and we can take simple cues from within the  textures of that place, and within the spirit of those who inhabit it.

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