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As an award-winning Sr. Designer of facilities that promote interaction and increase connections with the communities they serve. I bring effective abilities to solve complex design issues and visually showcases a facility to user groups, community leaders, and local government. With more than 15 years practicing Architecture in USA my understanding and respect for diverse environments makes me a valuable leader in GDN international endeavors and opportunities in South America. With a deep understanding of the culture and needs of my native country, I am a perfect match to spearhead GDN’s efforts to extend our design values and expertise beyond the United States.I provide a specific in-depth knowledge of Latin-American society and values cross-cultural connections and collaborations. With a solid foundation as a designer of healthcare and educational environments, I understand that architecture is more than just a building—it’s about creating environments that positively impact the people and communities they serve, which is what I envisions for Chile and South America.



Over the past 30+ years, the field of architecture & design has provided an extraordinary stage for me to explore progressive solutions and diverse projects. I have been fortunate to work with exceptional clients and partners, weaving globally through some amazing cultures. In this time, I have not developed a philosophy, but rather a purpose. One based upon a passion towards each opportunity, placing meaning and value as a priority. This avenue has given me the right to explore, innovate, and find extraordinary partnerships that truly differentiate...

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