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SHUNDE FIRST PEOPLE’S HOSPITAL / Southern Medical University


The Shunde First People’s Hospital was born in direct response to the rising need in creating more state-of-the-art healthcare campuses in China, helping to position a new standard of facility and practice throughout the country.  Located on the edge of Foshan City, in Guangzhou Province, this greenfield site was both sized and positioned to address the diverse levels of healthcare delivery and practices found in the region.  

Design sensitivity was key to working successfully within this unique context and culture, while still blending the best of east/west healthcare practices.  Our solution balances the wide-range of environments necessary to handle thousands of visitors a day, while keeping the personal scale in areas needed for both wellness and further the effective healthcare for both provider and patient.  Its sustainable elements not only optimize building performance, but as well, help to emphasize healing through wellness, successfully serving the needs of these districts and communities.

* Work completed while at HMC Architects

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