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J. Paul Leonard & SUTRO Library / SFSU


To solve a concern for lack of space and flexibility, as well as a need for new technology integration, San Francisco State University created a program for a joint-use facility with the California State Library system that would use their existing Sutro Library as the base for a new state-of-the-art library facility on campus.  The goal of this design-build competition was to create a single facility over 3-phases that would house existing collections, create flexibility for growth and transition to potential new technologies, and house a new LRS (Library Retrieval System).

The result is an ambitious facility, combining renovated and new structures in creating a vibrant learning environment.  The innovative designs provides students a progressive place to now study and gather, along with a solution that reconnects back to the campus, bringing student synergy to this revived place of learning.

* Work completed while at HMC Architects

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