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In an effort to continue providing extraordinary education for the Jewish community in Santiago, Chile, the Instituto Hebreo determined to create a new and progressive learning environment for modern and innovative education, one that would further reflect the values and traditions of the Jewish faith they serve. 

As much as safety and security were front and center, the reality of providing a more flexible and adaptable educational environment became the catalyst for the design and the schools keeping relevant in the changing world and how we learn within it.

In this, we created HED X, as a modular educational systems environment that could change to respond to both daily and long-term needs.  It’s concept module was built to reflect the Star of David, and God’s choice of Abraham to make a great nation and grow like the stars, establishing a relationship between heaven and humanity, the tradition and belief that gave rise to the People of Israel.

The matrix was created to support this powerful link between community, history, traditions, and ethics of a “people” guided from generation to generations.  This powerful connection emerges and becomes the planning baseline for the solution, where the classroom elevates itself as the centerpiece that all is linked with, engaging the multiple facets of education; the students, teachers, families, and community.

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