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GDN ARQUITECTOS SpA / Alvaro Velasquez Gerszencveg


As an award-winning designer, Alvaro’s career showcases works that promote a distinct connection within their unique context and communities, combining a respect for both purpose and beauty.  His experience brings more than 15-years of practicing architecture in the United States and throughout Latin America, providing each opportunity with a focus and innovative spirit towards creating extraordinary solutions for complex building types and environments.  As a Partner at GDN, Alvaro blends his knowledge of international practice and global standards with his direct respect of the culture and context of each endeavor.  He creates progressive solutions that go far beyond expectations and brings an effective ability to address all levels of design while keeping a focus on the overall goals and mission of each project.


“I understand that architecture is so much more than the building itself…it is about creating environments that positively impact the people and communities they serve.” 

GLOBAL-DN LLC / David Rova


Over the past 35-years, the field of architecture & design has provided an extraordinary stage for David to explore progressive solutions that encompass the globe.  He has successfully led projects and initiatives that have crossed a diverse range of complex building types and unique cultures, developing a deep and comprehensive portfolio of impressive works.  His roles have grown with design awareness, expanding through leadership, blending a respect for both development and operational practices.  As a Partner at GDN, David uses this experience to create and implement critical strategies while adding his direct expertise to projects.  He blends his unique skillset with key Partners to bring the most value to our clients and their clients.

“Everything should be approached as an opportunity to place meaning and value as a priority.  This provides us the right to explore, innovate, and truly differentiate to find extraordinary solutions.”

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